Concrete vs. Stone pavers

Pavers can be used in hallways, patios, and other common outdoor areas. Deciding between stone pavers and concrete pavers can be tricky, and that is why we are here to give you some insights. Here are some factors that differentiate the two types of pavers.


Stone pavers in Thousand Oaks are made of natural clay, sand, and water. They are formed into blocks or rectangles, then baked at high temperatures to remove excess moisture. Because they are made of clay, these pavers may have some variation in size and appearance.

Concrete pavers are molded into metal dyes to create the desired shape, then dried to remove excess moisture. These pavers are uniform in size and appearance.


The main benefit of stone pavers is their rich terracotta coloration, which extends along the paver. Stone won’t fade over time, so it’s easy to combine them if repairs are needed. If a stone paver is chipped or cracked, the color will remain constant, which helps mask the appearance of damage.

Concrete pavers are typically stronger and harder than stones, making them more suitable for driveways or high-traffic applications. Their consistent and uniform shape also makes them easier to install than stone. Concrete is typically less porous than stone, which can reduce the damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles.


Stone pavers are more susceptible to cracks and chips due to wear and sharp impact. They are generally not considered sturdy enough to withstand vehicular traffic, and their inconsistent size can create an uneven appearance. Stone is also about 15 percent more expensive than concrete in most areas.

The biggest drawback of concrete pavers is their coloring. Some of these pavers are only colored on the surface, so the chips or cracks are obvious. Sun exposure can fade the color of concrete pavers over time, which can make it difficult to stitch together and repair the structures formed by these units.


One of the best ways to choose between these two materials is to consider the different color and appearance options. Stone pavers have a terracotta coloration that is difficult to duplicate with dyes or pigments. They are available in various shades of red, brown, and orange. Concrete pavers can be found in almost any shade, with pigments and dyes added to the mix to create these colors. Concrete units tend to have a smoother texture than stone and can be found in many different shapes and sizes. Stone pavers are only available in square or rectangular shapes.


Both materials require very little maintenance. Stone pavers should be sealed to help establish the sand joints and hold the stones in place. Installers using polymer sand grout will not need to add sealant. The layers of the seals should be reapplied every two to three years if used. Concrete requires an acrylic sealant to help minimize fading and chipping. This sealant should be reapplied annually, or even twice a year in areas subject to extreme weather conditions.

If you are not sure which to pick between concrete and stone pavers, we at Venco Ventura Concrete can assist you to choose the one that suits you perfectly based on your needs and the type of house.

Proper Mortuary Sizing For Cemeteries

Size is one of the major factors when it comes to finding the perfect mortuary cooler for your business. You must always pick the right model that will meet your business needs. Also, the cooler must take up minimal space in the mortuary.

In this article, we will be discussing the different factors that must be put in mind when finding the right mortuary cooler for your cemetery or morgue. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Consider Your Current Volume

The capacity you need is one of the top factors you must consider when you are choosing a mortuary cooler. This will depend highly on the number of bodies you typically handle at a go. Suppose you have a small crematorium or funeral home, you will equally need to go for a smaller, upright cooler that has shelving for one or two bodies.

If you also have a large funeral home or need to store more bodies, a larger mortuary cooler would be ideal.

Consider The Available Space

The amount of space available should and must be another factor to consider. If you have a confined space, it would be wise to go for a smaller model. Here, you will have to go for a mortuary cooler with shelving that will offer more storage with limited floor space.

Think About Your Future Needs

It is important to think about your future needs when you are choosing your new mortuary display cooler fridge. Suppose you will be needing to expand your business in the future, it would be better to go for a larger model in advance. This will, in the long run, save you time and money. Just make sure you choose a mortuary cooler from a trusted manufacturer.

Shop American Walk-In Coolers Today

Once you have listed down your needs in relation to the cooler for a funeral home, you can proceed to shop for the available units from American Walk-In Coolers. We offer a variety of models, including customized coolers to perfectly suit your business.


Pre-K Readiness: Your Child’s Fears

By going to pre-kindergarten, your child leaves his or her baby status, the cozy cocoon of the house, and discovers the community, with new places, new people, and new activities. The discovery of a new world and the separation between parents and children must be well understood to be better lived.

What Are The Fears Of Children When Entering Preschool?

Entering kindergarten for the child means facing the unknown. It is quite normal for him to have fears. The role of parents is to reassure him. Some tips:

  • Your child may be afraid of not making friends: explain that they already have friends at daycare and the park. He will therefore also do it in class.
  • He is intimidated by his teacher: tell him that his teacher will always be happy to answer his questions and that he should not be afraid of her. Explain that she is there to help him and that he can talk with her about his activities at recess if he wishes.
  • If he is afraid of getting lost at school, tell him there will always be an adult to show him how to his class.

Other Practical Tips For Entering Kindergarten

  • Let your child take an object from home, such as a blanket.
  • Do not hesitate to accompany your child to class. You have an hour to get acquainted with your child at this new place: Take advantage of your visit, to inform the teacher if your child has poorly slept, or has been annoyed, for example.

Parents must overcome their fears

It is only natural that you have fears for your child on the day he enters kindergarten. But you have to overcome your anxieties so as not to pass them on to your child. Advice:

  • You may have a legitimate fear that your child won’t be able to dress on his own or eat his meal properly. Rest assured, he will learn to organize himself well over the days, and he will become autonomous. You can help him, by getting him used to doing things, alone.
  • If you’re afraid your child will get hurt: know that children rarely have big injuries at school. On the other hand, small bumps and abrasions are common and are part of community life.
  • What if he pees again in his panties? It is not so bad and he will not be excluded from school for it. We have to change him, explain to him that it is not good, and little by little, he will learn to clean. In Pre-K (Pre Kindergarten), this kind of situation often happens and your child is there to learn and grow!
  • You may also be afraid that your child will be bullied at school. This fear is all the more justified, as we see this more and more this situation, on television for example. It is therefore imperative to show your child how to set his limits.

In short

On the day of entry into kindergarten, the child may have fears that he must express verbally to reassure himself. Parents are also worried about their children but have to overcome their anxieties. Parent-child separation, in particular, is a difficult time to live with, but the child must be told that he is old enough to go to school. This is where he will learn a lot of new things that he does not see at home.

A good kindergarten, like The Vine Learning Center | Daycare For Children, can help you transition easily as your child starts preschool.


Garden Hanging Chair: How to Choose One

If hanging chairs are so successful in the garden, it’s not for nothing.
These are outdoor seats that invite you to relax thanks to their gentle rocking.

They are also decorative elements in their own right: the fact that they are suspended brings a feeling of lightness and their design stands out from the rest of the garden furniture.
They are perfect for bringing personality to your terrace!

In this article, I will first tell you the criteria to take into account when choosing a suspended chair that suits you and that you like.
And then I will introduce you to a selection of models of different styles.

How to choose your hanging garden chair?

Here is an overview of the criteria you should take into account at the time of your choice.

Some are about the use of the seat and others are related to style.

Shape and seat

There are different forms of suspended chair and beyond the aesthetic aspect, the shape has consequences on the seat you will have in the seat.

It’s up to you to think if you prefer to sit or lie down, if you want to have a well-supported back or if it is not an obligation.
To do this, think about the activities you want to do and which seat is most suitable.

The shape will also have an effect on the feeling you will have once installed.
The egg-shaped versions surround you a lot and this creates a cocoon effect, while a more open version will allow you a clearer view towards the rest of the garden.

Material and Color

First of all: be careful to choose a model designed for the outdoors, so it will be in a material that will withstand the weather. This information seems obvious but as there are also versions for the interior, it is better not to be mistaken.

Most models have a metal structure, covered with another material. It is the latter that will be visible and that counts both for aesthetics and for practicality with maintenance.

This can be a plastic material of the braided resin type.
It is easy to clean.
You will often have the choice between several colors: black or gray for a modern rendering, beige or rattan color for a more natural rendering.

Some seats are covered with fabric for a cozier rendering but it will also be messier. It is therefore preferable to place them in sheltered places.
The white versions will give a chic touch to your layout, while the colorful versions will bring pep.

More rarely, there are wooden models.

Most armchairs are provided with cushions. The advice on the color that I have just given you remains valid for them too.
Check if they are removable, it makes them easier to wash.

The number of seats and the weight supported

Think about whether you want aversion for one person or a model that can accommodate several people at once.

Remember to check that the maximum weight supported is related to your corpulence.

And finally, take a look at the dimensions. This will save you from buying a children’s version without paying attention!

The way to hang it

Before you even choose the model of your dreams, you need to know where you want to install it.

If you plan to place it on a terrace, opt for a seat provided with a support or consider buying a foot that is compatible.

If you prefer to hang it on a tree branch or a large beam of a pergola, you need a version without support.

Braziers: Original Ideas for Your Garden

Braziers are increasingly present in gardens and on terraces.

If their original function is to make fire in order to warm up when it is cool outside and thus be able to enjoy its exterior even in autumn and winter, they are alsoa decorative element in their own right even when they are extinguished.

The most common models are round or square, and black. Not really enough to differentiate yourself from the neighbor and bring a real touch of originality to your garden.

Fortunately, there are models that are out of the ordinary, I will present them to you in this article.

The brazier ball

These braziers are doubly original: by their spherical shape and thanks to the patterns cut in the metal.

Aide variety of motif sexist: plants, animals, forest scene with deer and trees, or geometric shapes.

Thanks to the decorations, these braziers are aesthetically pleasing even when they are extinguished. And when night falls, the flames continue to highlight the drawings.

Most are made of corten steel. It is a steel that has a rusty appearance.

This is the case of the model that I selected for you and of which you have the photo next to it. This is Esschert Design’s FF294 reference

The brazier with fireplace

I like this type of braziers because their slender shape brings volume in a layout.

They also have a practical advantage: the chimney directs the smoke from above. This limits the risk of the wind sending it into your face.

Unlike the low braziers that are put in the center of a terrace with seats all around, I recommend that you put these models with fireplace on the side, so as not to have the conduit in your field of vision when you talk with your guests.

There are models with fireplaces in rounded or pyramidal version. I find the Bloomfield Volantis pretty and its spark arrestor is a guarantee of safety.

The Mexican brazier

The Mexican brazier is traditional model that will bring character to your exterior.

It has a fireplace and is made of terracotta.
Terracotta is refractory, which allows it to accumulate heat and then release it.

Mexican fireplaces are found in the raw color of terracotta, others are colorful, and some have embossed decorations.
There are even black metal variants for a more modern look, but in this case, you lose the traditional side.

They come in all sizes.
I gave you an example of a model with small dimensions that will easily fit into small spaces: the Tampico by Red Fire.

The brazier planta

There are more and more braziers also serving as planta. In fact, they are round models with aide rim on which you will cook the food.

And I would like to make a little interlude right away about barbecue braziers.
As you know, the principle of a barbecue is to put the food on a grill directly above the heat source. And we avoid as much as possible that they are in contact with the flames, it is the embers that we are looking for.
So, if you opt for brazier with a barbecue grill, you will not be able to enjoy the fire at the same time as you cook the food.

That’s why the braziers plan has are much more practical: you make a real fire in the center, without the flames touching the grills that are on the metal cooking part on the side.

I particularly like models that are high, they are much more practical than those close to the ground to cook food.
This is the case of the reference EFP56CO from Purlin that I put in photo.

The gas brazier

We rarely talk about gas braziers, yet they have the advantage of being very easy to use with instant ignition.

The other interest is to be able to start on shapes that we do not see with the wood versions, especially all in length.

You can buy a complete gas brazier or just the fire tray to integrate it into a homemade realization.

The model I have put in photo, HF48708AA-EU from Teamson Home, has the advantage of being able to serve coffee table, the flames are adjustable and the protective glass guarantees maximum safety.

The Hublot brazier

This time, it is not a category of braziers that I present to you but a model in particular for which I had crush: the Hublot creation of the manufacturer Buschbeck.

What distinguishes it from others?
The part where the wood is burned forms a circle vertically. This is clearly a model that will catch the eye on your terrace.