The company Bills Landscape and Contracting has about fifteen employees, specialized in garden creation, pruning and maintenance.

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Bills Landscape and Contracting Values


We bring the greatest importance to our customers and we make every effort to bring them complete satisfaction by the quality and seriousness of our work. In addition, the company Bills Landscape and Contracting is part of a cooperative of landscapers in Lille.


Our words and deeds are always true and sincere in every moment of life. When problems or disagreements arise, we do what it takes to resolve them with the people concerned, integrity is being honest with yourself and others.


We, are straight in our actions on a daily basis, so that trust is established and appreciated in both directions. For effective work, it is important that a strong relationship of trust is established. Relationships are based on trust, a guarantee of autonomy, frankness and authenticity. It is up to everyone to develop this “trust” capital.


We take responsibility for our actions and words, in any situation we assume our choices and mistakes but never pass them on to others. Each employee is an “entrepreneur” driven by a desire for conquest, commitment and success.


At Bills Landscape and Contracting, we are always attentive to the ideas of others; We respect the rules and regulations but also like to be respected in our choices and actions.


Dynamism is important in the realization of ideas, projects and objectives.
Our desire is to make our dynamism 100% effective. Effective dynamism stems from a need for organization, responsiveness and concentration.
On a daily basis, we put dynamism at the heart of our missions.

Our Commitments

Faithful to its know-how, we are committed to respecting the rules of the art to give you satisfaction.