Garden Hanging Chair: How to Choose One

If hanging chairs are so successful in the garden, it’s not for nothing.
These are outdoor seats that invite you to relax thanks to their gentle rocking.

They are also decorative elements in their own right: the fact that they are suspended brings a feeling of lightness and their design stands out from the rest of the garden furniture.
They are perfect for bringing personality to your terrace!

In this article, I will first tell you the criteria to take into account when choosing a suspended chair that suits you and that you like.
And then I will introduce you to a selection of models of different styles.

How to choose your hanging garden chair?

Here is an overview of the criteria you should take into account at the time of your choice.

Some are about the use of the seat and others are related to style.

Shape and seat

There are different forms of suspended chair and beyond the aesthetic aspect, the shape has consequences on the seat you will have in the seat.

It’s up to you to think if you prefer to sit or lie down, if you want to have a well-supported back or if it is not an obligation.
To do this, think about the activities you want to do and which seat is most suitable.

The shape will also have an effect on the feeling you will have once installed.
The egg-shaped versions surround you a lot and this creates a cocoon effect, while a more open version will allow you a clearer view towards the rest of the garden.

Material and Color

First of all: be careful to choose a model designed for the outdoors, so it will be in a material that will withstand the weather. This information seems obvious but as there are also versions for the interior, it is better not to be mistaken.

Most models have a metal structure, covered with another material. It is the latter that will be visible and that counts both for aesthetics and for practicality with maintenance.

This can be a plastic material of the braided resin type.
It is easy to clean.
You will often have the choice between several colors: black or gray for a modern rendering, beige or rattan color for a more natural rendering.

Some seats are covered with fabric for a cozier rendering but it will also be messier. It is therefore preferable to place them in sheltered places.
The white versions will give a chic touch to your layout, while the colorful versions will bring pep.

More rarely, there are wooden models.

Most armchairs are provided with cushions. The advice on the color that I have just given you remains valid for them too.
Check if they are removable, it makes them easier to wash.

The number of seats and the weight supported

Think about whether you want aversion for one person or a model that can accommodate several people at once.

Remember to check that the maximum weight supported is related to your corpulence.

And finally, take a look at the dimensions. This will save you from buying a children’s version without paying attention!

The way to hang it

Before you even choose the model of your dreams, you need to know where you want to install it.

If you plan to place it on a terrace, opt for a seat provided with a support or consider buying a foot that is compatible.

If you prefer to hang it on a tree branch or a large beam of a pergola, you need a version without support.