With a landscape designer, you have the assurance of having an outdoor space that is pleasant to your sight and that of everyone. For this, our professionals carry out the laying of lawn in rolls or seeds so that you have an even ground on which it is comfortable to walk.

What’s more, our landscapers are busy planting multiple

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Landscape Designer: What We Offer

A design adapted to your tastes and finances.
Since 2002, the landscaping company Bills Landscape and Contracting has been working throughout the North and Pas-de-Calais to create gardens and other outdoor facilities. We use our know-how to develop green spaces adapted to your requests, your budget and your tastes.

Do you want to get a Zen garden to contemplate the vegetation cleverly landscaped by your team of landscape gardeners? We see with you the many proposals that we can realize to satisfy you.

A contemporary, Mediterranean or exotic garden can also be set up if desired. We take care of all landscaping work for a result that meets your expectations.

Creation and layout of your outdoor living space

Enjoy your garden in all seasons! and varied flowers. Thus, get a wide variety of colors, shapes and scents to make your exterior as visually pleasing as olfactory. We also have the possibility to plant trees to offer an interesting geometric game, whether by the regularity of the trees planted or by the diversity of the shoots.

Landscaping also plays with non-vegetal installations to present unique, even original spaces, where it is pleasant to move and spend time, all year round. Thus, paving encourages your guests, or even your family members, not to tread on the planted lawn, moving with ease. We can also install fences and barriers to effectively delimit certain areas of your garden, or even your land to be quiet.

Our other areas of intervention

A diversified company to meet all your requests.

With our family business, get your landscape project a reality through a single company.

Do you have a problem with a tree that is dangerous, sick or blocking your eyesight? Call us for pruning or even felling it. You can also count on our know-how in the laying of asphalt to have a courtyard or a driveway allowing you to circulate easily, the installation of a wooden terrace to take your meal in front of your landscaped garden.

In addition, you can use our services for the maintenance of parks and gardens. Enjoy your exteriors all year round through landscapers at your service!