Are you looking for a way to park your vehicle and move in front of your home? Bills Landscape and Contracting brings you several solutions with exterior paving and asphalt laying.
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Our family business takes care of laying paving stones and slabs so that you no longer have to drive on bare ground, which can become muddy and impassable during rains.
With careful paving, this problem no longer exists and you offer interesting landscaping to your home, both aesthetically and practically.
We can make your parking with blue stones as well as other natural stones. Our professionals are there to advise you and guide you in the choice of materials that can be used for your project.

Paving: Cross your garden with house paths made of slabs

Utility and beauty are the advantages we ensure by their installation.
Our landscaping company works for outdoor landscaping throughout Lille. We take care of making your garden more practicable by laying slabs to compose paths, both around the house and crossing your outdoor space.
We realize these paths with quality work and following your instructions. Especially if you want to have a paving around your pool, which leads to your garden shed or which goes around your house.
We can also make a path from the landing of your home to the road or sidewalk.
With our team, get a meticulous exterior paving that meets your requests and needs.

Garage entrance, terrace: We meet your expectations

Paving guarantees exterior floors that are in harmony with your home.
In addition to being able to offer you the installation of wooden deck, know that we are able to create a terrace in slabs or paving stones, with blue stones or other materials to which we can direct you according to what you want.
Enjoy your garden on solid soil that meets your expectations.
You can also count on our know-how to get a garage entrance allowing you to drive with ease inside and outside your property.
Do not hesitate to call on our landscaping company to tell us about your landscaping project, we bring you all the information you need so that we can achieve the desired result together.