Tree pruning

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The professionals of our company take care of the pruning of your trees. It is important to take care of the trees on your property, for several reasons:

A tree that grows too high can quickly become a danger to you, your family, your home but also to passers-by. A gust of wind too strong, branches too heavy… And it can quickly tip over and cause an accident.

Plus, pruning and pruning your trees helps them stay healthy. A thinning pruning, on a tree that has become too large, will allow the light to pass. We also carry out the topping that will allow your trees to keep an intermediate size. We prune all types of trees (fruit trees, oak, fir, ash, maple, birch …).

Tree felling

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Do you have a sick or dead tree in your garden?

A dead or diseased tree can also pose a danger to your home. In order to prevent the fall of your tree, the gardeners-pruners of our company carry out the felling that will allow you to secure your garden.

Experienced and qualified, we intervene to cut down hard-to-reach trees that have grown near power lines or homes.

Once the felling is done, we take care of the de-stemming, planning and cleaning of stumps. We also grind branches and plants and dispose of waste to the landfill.

Our other areas of intervention

Versatile, in addition to pruning, we offer our services in different areas

Our team is able to carry out all the outdoor landscaping work you need to bring comfort to your home.

Are you overgrown with weeds? Your garden is not green? Is your garden path full of holes? We intervene. From the laying of asphalt to the wooden deck, from the paving of your driveway to the installation of gates, we advise you and carry out the work.


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