Pre-K Readiness: Your Child’s Fears

By going to pre-kindergarten, your child leaves his or her baby status, the cozy cocoon of the house, and discovers the community, with new places, new people, and new activities. The discovery of a new world and the separation between parents and children must be well understood to be better lived.

What Are The Fears Of Children When Entering Preschool?

Entering kindergarten for the child means facing the unknown. It is quite normal for him to have fears. The role of parents is to reassure him. Some tips:

  • Your child may be afraid of not making friends: explain that they already have friends at daycare and the park. He will therefore also do it in class.
  • He is intimidated by his teacher: tell him that his teacher will always be happy to answer his questions and that he should not be afraid of her. Explain that she is there to help him and that he can talk with her about his activities at recess if he wishes.
  • If he is afraid of getting lost at school, tell him there will always be an adult to show him how to his class.

Other Practical Tips For Entering Kindergarten

  • Let your child take an object from home, such as a blanket.
  • Do not hesitate to accompany your child to class. You have an hour to get acquainted with your child at this new place: Take advantage of your visit, to inform the teacher if your child has poorly slept, or has been annoyed, for example.

Parents must overcome their fears

It is only natural that you have fears for your child on the day he enters kindergarten. But you have to overcome your anxieties so as not to pass them on to your child. Advice:

  • You may have a legitimate fear that your child won’t be able to dress on his own or eat his meal properly. Rest assured, he will learn to organize himself well over the days, and he will become autonomous. You can help him, by getting him used to doing things, alone.
  • If you’re afraid your child will get hurt: know that children rarely have big injuries at school. On the other hand, small bumps and abrasions are common and are part of community life.
  • What if he pees again in his panties? It is not so bad and he will not be excluded from school for it. We have to change him, explain to him that it is not good, and little by little, he will learn to clean. In Pre-K (Pre Kindergarten), this kind of situation often happens and your child is there to learn and grow!
  • You may also be afraid that your child will be bullied at school. This fear is all the more justified, as we see this more and more this situation, on television for example. It is therefore imperative to show your child how to set his limits.

In short

On the day of entry into kindergarten, the child may have fears that he must express verbally to reassure himself. Parents are also worried about their children but have to overcome their anxieties. Parent-child separation, in particular, is a difficult time to live with, but the child must be told that he is old enough to go to school. This is where he will learn a lot of new things that he does not see at home.

A good kindergarten, like The Vine Learning Center | Daycare For Children, can help you transition easily as your child starts preschool.