Bills Landscape and Contracting is the first national network of independent franchisees in works brokerage and also in site monitoring, providing the individual with a single interlocutor for any housing work project.

Since 2000, we have been serving people every day who want their work to go well, in the best conditions, and also without unpleasant surprises.

Based on connecting our customers with quality local craftsmen and offering customers exceptional guarantees, our offer makes it possible to meet all work projects, from the smallest to the largest.


Alone, on a daily basis, you sometimes spend a lot of energy, time and / or money, in order to develop your relational network, make yourself known, make you visible and prospect new customers.

Unity is strength, which is why we invite you to join the 4,000 professionals, spread throughout the country, who now make up our network of partners.

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With Bills Landscape and Contracting, you have access to a quality clientele and new qualified business.

Our commitment: to save you as much time and comfort as possible.

A complementary and sustainable alternative to feed your order book!


Would you like to join our network of craftsmen? For this you will have to…

  • provide the up-to-date documents necessary to assess your situation in order to guarantee customers the “good health” of your business,
  • quickly take charge of the business that interests you,
  • make clear and detailed estimates,
  • Respect the commitments of price, deadlines and also quality of your service.

In return, we are committed to…

  • implement regular local communication actions,
  • provide you with additional business potential,
  • qualify the business beforehand before proposing it to you,
  • sell and also present your company to customers in 1st appointment,
  • and organizing rallies.

Make your Work Project grow now!

Bills Landscape and Contracting is for you, a complementary and safe way to find customers… by investing in the long term, while remaining free to go out every semester. Indeed, you are free to leave the network whenever you want.

Take advantage of new business quickly and also benefit from the many advantages offered by the Bills Landscape and Contracting network.

When you think about work, think Bills Landscape and Contracting!